About Lester

Lester Phillips

Certified Personal Trainer

Oklahoma’s Only Cenegenics Certifired Trainer

Two Time Muy Thai World Champion

Phiten Distributor

I started doing martial arts as a young boy.

My first art was Judo were I was able to become the state and national 88lbs champion my senior year in high school in 1989.

I was selected to become a member of the USJA Judo Hall of Fame.

After visiting Colorado Springs and seeing boxers and karate athletes I wanted to expand my game. I was fortunate to study under Terry Gibson for two years before he passed away. Prior to his passing, I told Master Gibson I really wanted to fight professional and he referred me to Dale Apollo Cook. In studying with Cook, received my masters black belt in Sadoki karate in 1994.

I also crossed trained in Muay Thai which became my strongest suit. In 1993 I became the UKF Muay Thai 101lbs US Champion. In 1994 became the new 118lbs bantam weight UKF World Champion.

I broke my humorous, scapula, collar bone, and separated my shoulder in the first round. After long five rounds, the fight ended in unanimous decision my way.

I suffered a year of paralysis on right side, however, and my career was written off by most.

I started physical rehab with Gerald Mirabal (3 time Mr Oklahoma) for two years and Olympic boxing trainer Dr Virg (Allen Virgets). After two years if intense rebuilding, I once again gained the UKF Feather Weight World Title in 1996.

I continued to defend my titles until the year 2000.

I am part of a Sayoc training group headed by a Sayoc instructor Jason Lopes which is sponsored by The Guru Harley Elmore.

Awarded Best of the Best trainer on the year in 2005.

In 2005 I starting underground off the wall core traing with Spyder Man Steve Summers. He brought me along and took me to the next level by improving my abilities and training.

In 2007 I became the technical representiative of Phiten in the USA.

Also in 2007, Dr. Sharp of Tulsa approached me with the opportuninty to become his Cenegenics excersise and nutrional counselor for his clients in Oklahoma and sthe ourounding states. The partnership took significant dedication on my part and his.

After much discussion, we came to an agreement and in 2009, I went to the Cenegenics Corporate Center in Las Vegas and took my certification, where I recieved outstanding reviews.

The Cenegenics program required me to create 30, 60, and 90 day personal goals. To date, I have exceeded the program expectaions and am now focusing this same system of science on each of my personal clients..