Awesome Work You Guys!

Hey Toast Monday Crew!

Love the push you all have been giving in class! Great dedication! Body physics more than fitness it’s a science!

See you tomorrow!

U Guys Rock!


Shark Fights 13 Pics are up!


Shark Fights 13 Pics are up and posted in the Client section of the website!

You all Rock!


PT Session this morning

Hey, I thought I’d post my HR for our  PT session this morning.

It was only a 139 avg, so we need to crank it up next week.


Fight Pics

I’ll be adding new pics from the past weekend to the site later today!

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You Rock!


Houston v. Sokoudjou

I was in Houston’s corner on 9/11 out in Amarillo for his fight against Sokoudjou.

Thanks to Houston’s great conditioning, he was able to storm out in the 2nd round to take the victory.

Click this LINK to watch the fight!

I look forward to seeing everyone in class tomorrow! Lets get ready to Toast!

You Rock.

Welcome to

Welcome everyone to the new!

Here you’ll be able to keep up with Lester via Twitter, RSS feeds for Website updates, and coming soon, a Facebook Page!

Enjoy the new site! It is still a work in progress, but within the next few weeks, we should have it all complete!

You Rock!

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