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Congradulations to team Stoops.. Georgie took first in her division in the 10 k run in tulsa ok on 7/30/2011. They are the best people and my man big Desi was right behind her.. Also weighting 205lbs. He is a monster.. U two rock and glad to have you as friends and family..


No class on Friday on 7/22/11

Hey guys and gals no class on the Friday of 7/25/11. Outta of town till Sunday.. Be ready for a killer Monday! Have a great weekend u rock!


Checking in

Hey crew,

Have a great healthy weekend!


Website updates on the way

He guys, I’ll be updating the website in the next few days with some new content. Until then, come see me at the gym.

You rock.


Here are some PT Sessions with 6 yr old Jake!

This is one of the newest PT clients.

Jake is a 74lb 4′4” 7 yr old! 

Click here here for >>>Jake Bosu Squats

Click here for >>>Jake Platform Jumps with Ankle Weights

Click here for >>>Jake doing Butterfly Scissors

Toast Monday

Hope to see all of you this morning at 930am for Toast Monday!

Make sure to get all of your balance of Carbs and Protein.!!!

U Rock!


Station Friday!!!

Station Friday tomorrow!

Bring your best game!

Have a great breakfast with all three maronutrients (protein, fats, and carb). We are going to have some fun..

Remember to bring 40 grams of protein and 4 oz of fruit juice for after your workout!

U rock.


Partner Wednesday!!!

Seriously! Can you believe it! 15 People in class today!

You guys ROCK! The advanced partner drills are getting too easy!!

I’m going to have to step it up for sure!!

You guys are awesome!

See you Friday! And BRING A FRIEND!

You Rock!


RSS Feeds are working!

Hey Crew!

The RSS feed feature is now workinng on the website!

Hopefully you have all signed up for RSS feeds and email updates!

Spread the word!

U Rock!


Partner Wednesday!

Can’t wait to see everyone at class today!

Also, remember to check with me for all of your Phiten and Jaco needs! I have a ton of gear and am always ordering new inventory!
U guys Rock!


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